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Adam Neely on “a personal connection between artist/creator and fan”

Bassist Adam Neely has one of the best music education channels on youtube. In this interview by Patrick Hunter, Adam said something at the 15:25 mark that I thought were sufficiently profound that I wanted to transcribe it (I’ve paraphrased slightly):

People are very much caught in the old idea that the recorded music that they make is worth something. I believe it should be worth something, but I don’t think it is to anybody else… so, in order to survive (not judging, just what we need to do), it has to be a lot more about the musician as a personality or the musician as a brand. Somebody will connect with your music because of who you are and how you’re presenting your music, rather than just listening to the music itself. Of course, people are like, “oh, it should be all just about the music, and you should judge it based on that.” But it’s much more about having a personal connection between artist/creator and fan. It used to not be that way; there was a middle man. There was the record industry, and the record industry served a function in terms of distribution. Now that distribution has been shifted to tech companies, so there’s a much different model between the musician and the person listening. There’s the tech company intermediating, but the tech company says, “alright, you need to tell a story with yourself and be a personality and engage people that way, and that’s the way that we’re going to be able to monetize what it is that you do.” So musicians can do this, through youtube, Patreon, sponsorships — there’s all different kinds of ways you can monetize yourself. Touring, a little bit. But that’s definitely going to be the wave of the future, and we’re weirdly at the cusp of it…

We all have to me polymaths… We all have to be everything. We have to be Leonardo DaVinci now. But I don’t think that’s a bad thing. That’s just another way of thinking about what it is that we do, and the sooner that you embrace that fact, the better.

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