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Welcoming two new horsemen of the Edupocalypse

I’d like to introduce you to two new edubloggers: my Georgia Tech School of ECE faculty colleague Rob Butera, and Ed Booth, a Georgia Tech Computer Science grad who took my Multicore and GPU Programming for Video Games class back in 2008. (I love hearing about what my former students are up to.) Coincidentally, they both touch on similar topics about grading in their recent posts.

Ed has radically titled his new blog The Failure Machine, employing the interpretations of failure formulated by Seth Godin and Eric Ries. Ed asks: “Typical American high schools and colleges accept 70% accuracy on exams as a passing grade. Assuming that exams accurately assess understanding and proficiency…that means we push our students to the next level long before they have achieved mastery of their current material. If this happened in a professional sports franchise, the Major Leagues would be filled with players who struggle to compete. What does this say about how our schools prepare us for our careers?”

Rob has titled his blog No Curve, so you can guess what his first post is about. He writes: “Most of my blog posts will likely be about structural and methodological issues in education, why engineering education is under-research yet also misunderstood, and why the liberal arts have an identity crisis. But I feel this first post on this blog needs to explain the chosen domain name.”

Please drop by their blogs and make comments!

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