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Welcome to the university at the end of the universe

I’ve been toying the idea of starting this blog for years. My first foray into blogging was with LiveJournal, on Sept. 14, 2006. I took the name “abovenyquist,” after concepts from signal & system theory, which is a subject I often use and teach. That name has followed me onto Twitter and other places. I’ve noticed that I don’t post to LiveJournal very often anymore; LJ is not quite the hot thing it used to be, and most chatter seems to happen on Facebook nowadays. I haven’t looked at my friends list on LJ in ages. My LJ and Facebook posts, and my Tweets, have been a mix of personal happenings and thoughts on technology and education, along with a (probably unhealthy) dose of political rants.

I thought about spinning off a second LiveJournal specifically for thoughts on education and technology, so I could point colleagues to it without having the discourse cluttered up with my laments about Sarah Palin or Herman Cain. But, LiveJournal has a reputation of being more of a personal space. The majority of “professional” blogs seem to be hosted WordPress and Blogspot. So, although I will miss LJ’s user icons, I decided to try WordPress since three of my colleagues, Mark Guzdial (computinged), Amy Bruckman (nextbison), and Rich DeMillo (innovate-edu), use it for their blogs. I consider their blogs to be must-reads. (I liked the look of Amy’s blog, so I decided to try the same Theme.)

The final kick-in-my-butt to start this arose from (a) attending the launch event for the Center for 21st Century Universities, and (b) pouring over Roger Schank’s blog, Education Outrage. Point (b) is related to (a) since I first heard Roger Schank speak at (a).

My LiveJournal will stay up, since there’s years of experiences recorded there. I might return to it someday as an outlet for musings not appropriate for the Edupocalypse Now blog that are also too long for Facebook.

The title for the blog came from a lengthy and painful search; I will write more about it another time. The subtitle, “Education and Innovation in the End Times,” comes from a couple of talks I gave in Spring 2011, one to our ECE8010 Graduate Research Seminar, and one sponsored by the Georgia Tech student branch of the IEEE. I don’t use the term “End Times” to refer to any particular eschatology promoted by any particular religion. I use it in the secular sense of Slavoj Zizek. As Glenn Reynolds noted, “a process that cannot go on forever, won’t.”

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  1. December 1, 2011 at 10:32 am

    For those wanting to follow you on LJ (because we’re stubborn):
    http://edupocalypse.livejournal.com/ (RSS feed)

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